Get Started

What are you waiting for to accomplish your goals?

Is it people, finances, or everything to be just right?

You will never accomplish anything if you are always putting everything off to the future.

Today is your day to go forward.

Look at what is in your hand today.

Get started.

Use the talents and skills that God has already given you to go forward.

Don’t waste time wishing things were different…make them different.

You can’t change others… but you can still determine to not let them change you or steal your dreams.

God is bigger than anything you will ever face.

Where you are or what you are going through is not a surprise to God.

He is not to blame for bad situations or people’s wrong treatment of you.

God loves you and He can help you to step up and use situations to go for your goals in new and even greater ways if you will listen and obey Him.

Let go of your past and move forward into a bigger and better future.

Get started today.  Move forward and don’t look back.

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In Christ,

Bobbie Powers



Choose to Solo

When you are learning to fly a plane there is a point that after training and flying with an instructor you are required to perform a solo flight in order to get a pilot’s license.

When you want to get a driver’s license for the first time in order to drive a car you personally have  to pass the written test and a drive the vehicle test. No one can do it for you.

When you want to succeed you have to personally be involved.  You can’t expect success without your effort.

If you want to reach your full potential you cannot expect others to carry you through life.  You have to make the effort to go for your goals and dreams.

Don’t let fear control you.

Don’t let what others say or do control you.

Step out and accomplish the things you have always dreamed of doing…the big things that God has put in your heart.

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Don’t back up, back off, or back out of achieving all that God has put you here to do.

Choose to solo when necessary.  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers

Making Progress

When you are launching out and making progress on new projects or endeavors it is important that you stay alert.

Distractions or problems caused by others that demand your attention, funds, or efforts will start appearing on all sides in order to change your focus or hinder your progress.

Do not lay down your job to do someone else’s job.

Stay clear of false responsibility.

Your task will not get done unless you do it.

Your goals and dreams won’t happen unless you diligently pursue them.

Your time, energy, effort, and resources are valuable to your success.

Stay focused on finishing your race as a winner.

Stay focused on pleasing God.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers


Time is valuable

Your time is valuable.  Don’t waste it.

Make your days full of blessings by simply making wise choices with your time.

Some people can get more done in a half hour than many people achieve in a month.

Don’t just sit around and think what you can or should  do…get up and go do it.

Put actions with your good thoughts.

The Bible says be a doer of the word and not just a hearer.

If God corrects you about something …make that correction in your lifestyle.

Receive and implement good instructions.

Be a person who is willing to learn and more opportunities will come your way.

Don’t waste your time thinking about other people’s opinions of you or your ideas.

Instead, spend time reading the Bible and find out who God says you are… and what you can do… and then do it.

The Bible is the truth of any situation you will ever face.

Don’t wait for your dream to fall on you…instead think it, speak it, and take steps toward it daily.

Don’t waste your time on worthless pursuits that have no value for you.

Don’t give up and quit because your dreams are big.

Stay on course and head for your goals one step at a time.

As you begin to wisely use your time and continue to reach daily goals…you will see your God given dreams come to pass.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers

Refuse to fear afterward

When you are doing something big there will always be the opportunity to fear.

Don’t allow yourself to be afraid.

If it is a dangerous situation immediately call the proper authorities (police, fire, etc)

Sometimes in personal confrontations with enemies( people, disease, situations, etc) you will not be afraid during the threatening situation but afterward fear tries to get a hold on your thoughts or feelings in order  to stop your progress or project.

In other words…. to weaken your hands…to diminish your future.

Don’t give in to this sudden fear.

Instead, command fear to go in Jesus’ Name.

Ask God to take over and fill you with His peace and power.

Don’t rehearse the situation over and over in your mind.

Instead, boldly speak the word of God aloud.

Quote scriptures such as “No weapon formed against me will prosper.” and “If God be for me then who can be against me.”

Read the Bible, pray, and stay focused on your task.

Refuse to think or talk about the problem over and over.


Instead, focus your attention on the Lord and keep on going forward as He directs you.

Allow God to keep you calm not only through all confrontations and but also victorious afterwards as you make the decision not to be controlled by fear.

Nehemiah did this when building the wall in the Old Testament and the disciples did this when threatened in the New Testament.

You and I can do it also.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers


In order to finish you must focus on the task that is in front of you.

You cannot allow any distractions to take your attention off of what you are trying to complete.

What you are doing has to become a priority at that time.

Feelings cannot rule.

Thoughts cannot rule.

People cannot be allowed to hinder or stop the process of completion.

Obstacles cannot stop you.

You must keep your focus on what God has called you to do and refuse to quit until you see success.

Don’t stop even when the task takes longer than you thought or is more difficult or complex than you anticipated.

Don’t allow fear or discouragement to have a place in your decision to finish as a winner.

Keep your hope in the Lord and stand strong in His Word.

Read and speak God’s promises daily.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers

Be Yourself

You are the only one of you that God made…even if you are an identical twin.

I’m a twin and have been around a lot of fraternal and identical twins and triplets.

In each case each twin or triplet is a unique person with a unique personality, talents, and abilities.

God has an individual plan for every person. Every person is important to Him.

Don’t try to be something that isn’t you.

Stay with who God created you to be and do things with your own style and flair.

As you read the Bible and choose to obey what it says God will give you unique plans and ideas to accomplish your God given goals.

Don’t be afraid to do something outside the norm.

Don’t be afraid to try new things as God directs.

Pray about decisions and find God’s solution.

Let the peace of God guide you and you will be successful and blessed in your endeavors.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers

Travel Light

In my travels I have learned some important things about baggage.

1)  Don’t take a lot of luggage.

2) What luggage you do take should be lightweight and easy for you to manage by yourself.

3) If you can put your essentials in a carry on and keep it with you, it will save time and hassels at airports, rail stations, bus stops,etc…

The same is true in your walk with God.

Keep it simple.  Travel light.

1) Don’t carry the baggage of the past..good or bad.  Keep your focus on today.  Walk with God today.

2) Pay attention to your God given goals.Do only what you need to do today.  Enjoy the day God has given you. Be thankful.

3) Daily reading your Bible and praying will help you avoid a lot of hassels and mistakes.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers

Points to Remember

As you step out to do the things that God has called you to do this new year here are some guidelines that will help you to finish strong.

Obey God’s command to refuse fear and intimidation.

Put on God’s armor mentioned in Ephesians 6 in the Bible.

Use God’s weapon. Speak the word of God.

Don’t quit. You are a finisher.

Stay steady and stand strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

Let Jesus walk you through the valleys, instead of  camping  out in the valleys.

Move forward. Don’t look back.

Stay focused through daily prayer and Bible study.

Make corrections and adjustments to your plan as needed in order to stay on course.

Don’t allow yourself to be deceived.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers

Guard Your Peace

The peaceful are the powerful.

Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to do something positive for the Lord interruptions come in all forms or from many directions to get you upset or frustrated?

How about the times that you need rest or healing? Here come the noisy people that always have problems, and are always in trouble, or always cause chaos or problems where ever they go.  

What timing!!!  Is that an accident?

Not always.  Remember we have an enemy named the devil.  The Bible says that he only comes to kill, steal, and destroy.   The devil uses circumstances and even well meaning people to try to disrupt what God is doing in your life.

Guard your peace.  Watch your mouth and temper. Bind the enemy in Jesus’ Name and speak the scripture that is appropriate for the situation.

The Bible says to submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers