Stay With God

Jesus really does love you. If you don’t know Jesus ask Him to come into your heart today.

Friends here is an encouraging word for you today.

Don’t be discouraged when big attacks come.  You can’t have big victories without big attacks.

Yes, attacks can be great…but they are never greater than God.  He always wins in the end.

Always stay with God and His Word (The Bible) regardless of people or circumstances.

Trust in God with all your heart and don’t try to figure out everything with your head.

Keep your eyes on the goal and refuse to fear or quit.

Use change to your advantage.  Don’t just go through circumstances…grow through them.


Praise Report

It has been a powerful year so far…full of expansion and growth because God is faithful.

Our free book distribution is growing and going into the most amazing places…that means people saved as well as the believers helped and strengthened around the world.

The 10 year mission house project has finished in 2 years…and we are looking at new opportunities.

Family and friends are stepping out and doing mission ventures around the world.

We are continuing through various means to encourage believers to stand up and speak up about Jesus everywhere they go and in every way possible.

It is all about Jesus…not us… and we humbly give Him the praise…we could do nothing apart from Him.

In Christ,