Get Started

What are you waiting for to accomplish your goals?

Is it people, finances, or everything to be just right?

You will never accomplish anything if you are always putting everything off to the future.

Today is your day to go forward.

Look at what is in your hand today.

Get started.

Use the talents and skills that God has already given you to go forward.

Don’t waste time wishing things were different…make them different.

You can’t change others… but you can still determine to not let them change you or steal your dreams.

God is bigger than anything you will ever face.

Where you are or what you are going through is not a surprise to God.

He is not to blame for bad situations or people’s wrong treatment of you.

God loves you and He can help you to step up and use situations to go for your goals in new and even greater ways if you will listen and obey Him.

Let go of your past and move forward into a bigger and better future.

Get started today.  Move forward and don’t look back.

(If you need further encouragement about how much God loves you… my book… Abba Father, A Parent’s View by Bobbie Powers… can help.  You can find it on Amazon and in Kindle format as well.)

In Christ,

Bobbie Powers



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